Community Care Centres play a critical role in providing treatment, care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS    (PLHA).Under NACP-III these centres are attached to ART centres and ensure that PLHA are provided:  (a) counselling    for ARV drug adherence, nutrition and prevention (b) treatment of opportunistic infection (c) referral and outreach    services for follow up and (d) social support services. Currently, 96 such centres are supported. It has targeted to set    up 350 CCC under NACP- III

      The centres are mandated to seek better community and family response towards PLHA through family counselling.    For better treatment outcome, the centres provide families of PLHA counselling on the patients nutritional needs,    treatment adherence and psychological support.

      From being stand alone short stay home under NACP- III, CCC have metamorphosed to being a place for providing    comprehensive services to PLHA. They play a critical role in enabling PLHA to access ART, as well as provide    monitoring, follow- up counselling support to pre ART and ART patients, positive prevention, drug adherence, nutritional    counselling etc.

      With linkages and referrals to ICTC, DOTS, PPTCT, and LAC and other treatment services and interventions, CCC    serves as a vital link in providing holistic support to PLHA with district hospitals and provides referral service to PLHA    when needed.